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HSC Exam Result 2015 Bangladesh Information

Bangladesh Education Board: HSC Exam Result 2015 Bangladesh Information; On that year HSC exam 2016 was started 1st April and ended 11th June. The practical exam was held on 13th June to 22th June. On the time of HSC exam there was hartal and blockade on the whole Bangladesh. On this time, education minister Nurulislamnahid done some exam without any routine change. So education board makes some changes to the exam routine. But there no accident happed to the students during the exam day.

HSC Exam Result 2015 Bangladesh

How Many Students Participates on the HSC exam 2016 Bangladesh?

In the HSC exam 2016 total 86933 students participates under the eight education board.  There were   84360 Students from Madrasah board, 98247 Students from BM / Vocational board and 4344 Students from DIBS. There were 570993 boys and 502891 Girls. There were total 2419 Centre and 8305 educational institutions. From foreign total 241 Students done participation on the exam. There were 110 boys and 131 girls. Total 25 subjects’ exam will be happened in communicative mode and on it a new subject added named ICT. On these subject students need to do exam on 100 Marks.Lame duck students will get extra 20 minutes on all the exams.

When The HSC Exam Result 2016 Bangladesh Published?

The education board has a rule that HSC exam result 2016 Bangladesh must need to publish within 60 days. But on the exam time there was hartal and blockade so that it takes one-week extra time to publish results. So the result was published 9th August. As usual 9th August education minister hand over the result to prime  minister and after that it goes to all the HSC & equivalent relevant institutes.

What was the HSC exam result 2016 Bangladesh?

HSC exam result 2016 total passed student was 738872 students. There were 389363 boys and 449509 girls. Boys average passed score was 70.23% and girls average passed score was 69.04% so girls done great result than boys. Total 42894 Students got the highest point A+. In 2016 total average passed score was 69.60% which is slightly very low than the previous time. In 2016 the average passed score was 78.33%. The educationminister Nurulislamnahid said that hartal and blockade was the main cause for  bad result. If it was not happened than the result must will be better than previous time. On another press conference Nahid told that the result of mathematics, science and technical board was too good.

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The average boards result percentage of HSC Exam Result 2016 Bangladesh:

  • Dhaka board: 58.16%
  • Sylhet
    board: 74.57%
  • Dinajpur
    board: 43%
  • Barisal Board: 70.06%
  • Comilla
    board: 59.80%
  • Chittagong board: 63.49%
  • Jossore
    board: 46.45%
  • Rajsahi
    board: 77.54%
  • Madrasah
    board: 90.19%
  • Technical
    board: 85.68
In 2016, Education minister and guardians are hoping that result will be better than 2016 and it can be also  better than 2016. Result will be publishing very soon and you can get result easily from our site easily. So you  can bookmark our site by tapping ‘Ctrl+D’ on your keyboard or note our site URL. We hope you gota lot of information about HSC Exam Result 2016 Bangladesh overview & statistics.

HSC Exam Result 2015 Bangladesh Information
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