Thursday, July 28, 2016

A plan to complete examination within 5 days to 7 days

Nurul Islam Nahid, Minister of Education said, “Perheps In future H S C examination will be finished within a week”. On Sunday when visitin a college named Swidheshwaree Girls College in Dhaka, education minister acknowledged the information.

Education Minister said, ‘Due to take the examinations for a long time, it makes a pressure on examinees. They are to lose valuable time of them. We are planning to take the examinations within 5 to 7 days”. 
Minister said, “By this the examinees will not face extra pressure and it will save a lot of time. To start this procedures is will take few days. But we will really able to start this procedures”.

By remembering the examination period of his own, he said, “In that time our examinations were ended within 5 days to 7 days. We seated for one examination at morning and another is in the afternoon and we got a one hour mid break. But now, getting two days of gap between one examinations to another guardians says that those gaps are not adequate and it would better increasing one day more”. He also said that, HSC Result 2016 will publish on August 2016.

[HSC Result 2016- Click Here]

He said, “The number of examinees have been increased about 1.5 lac more than the last year from this, it can be understood that the reduction rate of examinees have been decreased. Examinees are resulting well. Also said with hope this rate will increase in future”.

Hoping there is no way of licking out the question papers Nurul Islam Nahid said, “On this case extra security has been taken. The detectives are working on the fields. Extra observations have been done in all kind of electronic media as well as Facebook. If anyone spread the humor, he will also be punished. 14 year of prison and also can be 1 crore of penalty for this type of sin.

This year, from eight (8) ordinary boards, Madrasha  and included vocational in total ten boards the numbers of examinees are 12,18,628 which is  more 1,44,744 examinees  than the last years. According to announcement, The theoretical examinations are going to be ended on 9th June and the practical examination will  be started on 11th June and ended on 20th June.
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